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I am an artist & designer based in Los Angeles, CA, USA. Currently, I create fine  jewelry,  & surface patterns for home & fashion textiles.


I hand sculpt & cast each of my jewelry designs in precious metals including, sterling silver & 14kt gold. The method I use to create most of my jewelry designs is the ancient art form known as, lost-wax casting, Each work of art is slightly unique in form &  texture. Select pieces are highlighted by natural gemstones. My surface patterns are mainly hand dyed/painted/drawn on paper or natural fabric & sometimes manipulated digitally.


My work inspired by  ancient symbolism, Earth's beauty, the mysterious outer space,  spirituality & the journey of life. Creating puts me in a serene state where I can meditate on the beauty of the universe & feel gratitude. My purpose is to evoke the same serenity and gratitude in the viewer & adorned. 

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